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Tinting Windows Yourself or Hiring A Professional Tinter: What’s Better?

Most of the people love car window tinting for some value of protection and privacy purposes. But do you know, window film not only can be applied for cars, also able to apply for commercial and residential windows. Therefore, window tinting is a typical modification since it may be added to windows such as housing windows and sliding doors, but please take note of tinted film only applicable on a smooth window surface. You might consider window tinting, but ‘How to Tint?’ Don’t worry, we will give you some ideas to choose DIY or hire a professional window tinter. However, it would be wise to seek advice from a seasoned provider of tinting services if you are unsure of how the procedure operates.

Budget is the most important guide to help you choose wisely.

Hiring a professional and skillful team to tinting the window may be costly. However, their patience and talent would give you excellent services. They are aware of the law and your windows. An expert is familiar with the tinting regulations in your region.

Installing Window Tint Yourself

Improving privacy, and keeping cool for the home, car and office is the main feature of tint. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and shields you from the sun’s UV rays. if you understand how installations work well and are able to apply what you pick up from others. It can be completed by you. If you want results quickly, it is a cheap project that won’t take too long, depending on your level of experience. You can use the money you save by doing it yourself to improve the windows for car or house window.

Advantages of DIY


Kits, skill, and time are the three resources you’ll need to complete the task on your own. Purchase some high-quality tinting supplies for improved outcomes and effectiveness. Don’t just get the cheapest tint you can find; rather, purchase a tint that fits your budget. The overall value of a high-quality tint will be greater than the value of a low-cost tint. Here are some recommendations for picking the ideal tint.


If you plan to tint the house window or car window. You can tint it whenever you are free, maybe after work or on the weekend at a garage or a shaded area. You can do it on your own time.

Family ties, amusement, and independence

Completing DIY projects with your family could be a secure and enjoyable approach to strengthen family ties in the current circumstances where we are all required to stay indoors and maintain social distance. Developing your independence can enable you to do tasks without interacting with anyone else. You get a sense of success when you complete a task on your own and do it well. You’ll be proud of the outcomes you can produce, which will increase your confidence and give your kids a pleasant method to learn about window tint.

Disadvantages of DIY


To achieve the same outcomes as a professional can be time-consuming and challenging. People might not have the level of skill necessary to get the best results. Detail-orientedness and proficiency with a heat gun and scraper are requirements for the procedure. You must be aware of how to manage the film and all tools. Correct cutting and application of the tint film are required to prevent the formation of extra air bubbles.

Bad Working Condition

If you are tinting the car window, you require a room that is big enough and clutter- and dust-free. Lighting is crucial. You can never have enough. So you won’t achieve the desired outcomes if you’re doing it outside in the sun. In your garage or parking lot, it won’t be possible to precisely apply the film if it’s too dark. Also, it may be dusty and make dirt on your window or tinted film easily.

Legal Matters

Malaysians are following the JPJ rules stated by the Malaysian government. Check the permitted tints by JPJ. Most automobile owners are unaware of or simply ignore the JPJ rules. Law enforcement officials may issue severe fines that would burn a huge hole in your wallet if you disobeyed the government’s established regulations and JPJ rules. Before purchasing a tint, make sure you are aware of the legal percentage for all of your windows in your state. You don’t want to end up in legal trouble for disregarding the proper window dressing.

Visiting a window painter with experience

Using a professional window tint installer has several advantages. Rely on a professional’s window tinting abilities if you want to get the effects you want, get the most for your money, and have peace of mind. Let’s look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of hiring a professional installer.

Advantages of Professional Window Tinting

Knowledgeable technicians

Professional tinters will be equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to finish the task promptly. They will be equipped with the right knowledge and tools, such as slip solution, a lint-free cleaning cloth, a razor knife, a scraper blade, an application squeegee, and a heat gun. The finished product will probably be superior to what you can accomplish on your own.

Aware of the JPJ rules

The JPJ rules should be followed to avoid any safety risk to drivers and pedestrians and also do not break the rules. The current JPJ rules that were updated and stated from 2012. The rules are: front windscreen 70%; front screen 50%; rear and rear windscreen has no limitation. Also, if you break the rules, the police may fine the driver. The professional may tell you and remind you of the rules. Thus, you may consider the darkness of the tint on your car.

Disadvantages of Professional Tinting

Professional Tinting Lack of knowledge

Your vehicle or house window might be handled by inexperienced newcomers. Some people might lack the expertise needed to properly install the window film. Always visit their website to read client testimonials. Don’t assume that all tinters are skilled experts. To be on the safe side, pick an installation with a stellar reputation.


A high-quality job could be more expensive. Be prepared to pay more if you want the greatest possible services from a provider. The overhead is substantial for professionals. They possess the knowledge and expertise to employ cutting-edge tools. DIY tint jobs are significantly less expensive because you won’t have to pay for overhead or contract labour. Therefore, it’s fine that you may ask for a quotation before you tint.


Various shops use various tint brands. You have no say in the tint they put on your automobile, residential and commercial building window as a consumer. A high-quality tint is necessary. Find a store that has the tint you want because of this. Find Sun Barrier to provide you with the best quality product.


You can try DIY if you want


If you confident and want to save cost, you can try to tinting windows yourself. If you want a supply install, you may contact

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