PPF Stone Impact Tester (TPU PPF Film Testing Machine) Vinyl Wrap PPF Scratch Testing Machine


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Package size: 45cm*24cm*23.5cm.
Packing list: Testing machine*1 + power supply*1 + black paint machine cover*1 + Crushed stone bottle*1
Function: It is mainly used to test the anti-scratch function of PPF transparent film.


1 in stock

PPF Stone Impact Tester

The PPF Stone Impact Tester is a specialized instrument designed for evaluating the durability and resistance of Polymer Particle Film (PPF) coatings against stone impacts. It simulates real-world conditions to assess the ability of PPF coatings to protect automotive paintwork or other surfaces from damage caused by stones and other road debris.

Key Features:
Impact Simulation: Simulates stone impacts using standardized test parameters to replicate real-world conditions accurately.

Adjustable Impact Force: Allows adjustment of impact force to simulate various levels of impact intensity, enabling comprehensive testing across different scenarios.

Automotive Industry: Evaluating the effectiveness of PPF coatings in protecting vehicle paintwork from stone chips and road debris.

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Dimensions 50 × 35 × 35 cm

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