We want all of our customers to succeed, and that’s why we offer considerable marketing support in a number of different ways. This helps you promote your business, increase brand identity, and generate more leads. If you’d like to learn more about the exact details of our marketing support programs, be sure to reach out. 

Some of our most popular marketing tools include t-shirts that promote our winning films. Wearing or distributing these t-shirts can help you let your customers know about the incredible capabilities of our window films. They can be great conversation starters that lead to further sales and leads. Many tinting shops have their employees wear these t-shirts on the job for a professional look. Not only does this make for a great employee uniform, but it also helps customers learn more about the newest window films as soon as they walk in the door. 

We also offer banners to our loyal customers. You can place these banners inside your shop for an eye-catching, professional decoration. Associating your tint shop with some of the best films on the market can be a smart move, as it makes your business seem more legitimate. This can be especially advantageous when you’re just starting out. You can also place these banners outside your shop to generate walk-in customers. 

Our marketing support program operates on a points-based system. As you continue to resupply your shop with new products from Solar Control Films, you will earn points. The more points you earn, the more marketing materials you can get for free. Trade in your points for t-shirts, banners, and all kinds of other goodies. This is how we reward our most valued customers for continued support and loyalty. 

With all that being said, you can still purchase these marketing materials if you do not have enough points. Everyone has access to these effective marketing tools one way or another. Purchasing them without points may be a smart move if you own a new tinting business and you’d like to boost your marketing game right out of the gates. 

Keep in mind that we are continuously exploring new ways to support our customers. Keep up-to-date with these new developments to take full advantage of our new business relationship. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how we can help with lead generation, website building, and other steps to make your business as profitable as possible. 

When we help you reach for your full potential, everyone wins. Take advantage of our marketing support programs today.