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How to Remove Bubbling in Window Tint

If your automobile has window tint, it’s likely that you prefer to enhance the car’s appearance as well as appreciate benefit from the UV protection the tint offers. It can be annoying to have unsightly bubbles appear on your windows. Here are the steps you need to do to remedy the problems of window tint bubbles. During the application process, water becomes caught between the window and the film, bubbles might occasionally appear. Bubbles should vanish after the film is completely dry, this process may take between 2 weeks. If bubbles are still there, that means the application was subpar. For example, dust and debris on the glass prior to application may prevent glue from sticking. Bubbles can also appear when the tint or adhesive are deteriorating.

To preventing bubbling from over occurring in the film, here are the advice you must follow.
  • Choose a high-quality film. The poor quality of the adhesive is one of the causes of bubbling. While applying, the adhesive, sometimes referred to as glue, of the film is crucial. If the adhesive is bad, it could create bubbling and be challenging to remove afterwards. Sun Barrier’s products don’t have this problem; we promise that all of our films are high quality, including the adhesive.
  • Install the film professionally. Professional installers are aware of how to apply the tint correctly and avoid issues. Sun Barrier has a professional supply installation division that manages numerous government projects, estate developments and house installation. We are dependable and trustworthy. If you are a first time user going to DIY, you may read and watch the installation guide before installation to understand the procedure to avoid any mistake.
  • Clean the window before installing. Use products devoid of ammonia to safeguard the film and adhesive. Avoid cleaning windows with vinegar as well. Use “tint-on” or any soapy water to clean it after making sure there is no dust on the window.

In most cases, these suggestions can assist remove air bubbles in window tint, although occasionally they still happen. The best course of action is to go see the installer and have them properly removed. After the installation is finished, the installer probably has a policy regarding window tint bubbles, and you might be able to get the issue fixed at no additional expense. If not, take into account the following procedures for removing bubbles from window tint:

  • By parking the car under the sun, you can warm the window. Use a hair dryer to warm the surface if the weather is cool.
  • Water at room temperature should be used to mist the window, not to soak it.
  • Make a tiny hole with a pin in each bubble. You must be careful not to shred the film and the hole must be tiny.
  • Ensure that the window is still warm and damp, and then gradually flatten the bubbles with a credit card or other straight edge. Smooth out the portion of the edge nearest to the bubble. To prevent damage, move slowly and softly while holding the card at a 45-degree

Prevent Bubbling On Film


The best course of action is to go see the installer and have them properly removed.

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