Product Information

Window film is a thin, multi-layered polyester material that uses a variety of layers to manage and defend validly in various aspects,
such as heat, glare, privacy, and Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation to bring the most benefits and effective effect to you.

These are the major terminologies and specification to check if you want to understand a performance of tinted film.

VLT = Visible Light Transmittance
TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejection
IRR = Infrared Rejection
UVR = Ultraviolet Rejection

Please note that, the lowest percentage of VLT means the more darker.
With above specification, you can understand the comprehensive performance of tinted film and you may follow the it to find the film that most suitable for you.

Reflective Film also known as One Way Mirror. It is a type of mirrored privacy window film called one way window film provides a high level of daylight privacy.
When there is more light on one side than the other, the reflecting finish of one-way privacy window film creates a one-way mirror illusion on the glass.

For instance, during the day, an outsider cannot see inside.
However, at night, the outside can see through the interior, and the mirror will have a mirror effect for the interior, only allowing us to view ourselves.

If you would like to DIY Install, you may refer to here to have a reference to try do it yourself!

If you would like to having a Supply Install, you may email us sunbarrier.info@gmail.com for quotation and more reference!

To be honest, all tinted MAY discolor once the tinted life is reached but the performance still functionable.

Yes. Our window film shields your home’s fabrics, furnishings, rugs, and most important, YOU from over 99% of ultraviolet rays that might damage them.

Yes, we do have USA Tinted Film. Sun-Fighter is our most promoted USA Tinted Film. The Nano Ceramic Tinted Film with 99% Infrared Rejection.

Our product included:

1ply films
2ply films
dyed films
UV400 films
Ceramic films
IR films
Sputter films
Security films


Pigment films
Korean films
Reflective films
Metalized films
Decorative films
Safety films

Additionally, we provide a variety of window installation tools.

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