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5 Different Types of Car Window Tint Explained

Car window tint may bring a lot of benefits to drivers. It not only gives you a cool car style and unique appearance, it also gives you less glare and UV protection. 

However, car window tint comes in a broad variety of films and costs. If not familiar and having ideas for the film might be challenging to begin to find out the film that you want. You should select a film that satisfies your demands while staying inside your budget. You can choose various window tinting options that are listed below to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each, continue reading. 

Advantages of tinting

A simple layer of tint is standard on a lot of cars. But aftermarket tinting is still a popular choice, if only because you can pick the tint’s colour, placement, and shade. However, expert products also maximise the tinting’s advantages. To begin with, tint gives your car more style and individuality. It also gives your car privacy and security. Even if valuables are left out in the open, it can help make unattended vehicles less of a target for potential burglars.

Usually, a car comes with a simple layer of tint when people get their new car. Even though it comes with a tint, aftermarket tinting is still a popular choice for drivers because drivers may want darkness, or think it is not cool enough. These are the elements that make drivers want to tint their car window. 

To begin with, tint gives your car more style, individuality, privacy and security. Even if valuables are left out in the open, it can help make unattended vehicles less of a target for potential burglars. 

Not only this, you are protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays by tinting. This can protect against skin cancer and preserve the upholstery in your automobile. Tint can help keep your automobile cool in the summer and warm inside during the winter by obstructing the sun’s rays. Additionally, window tint helps lessen glare and increase driving safety. It is growing in popularity even among senior drivers as a result.

Various Window Tint Styles

The advantages of window tinting can be attained in a variety of ways. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Multiple layers of dyed film are used in dyed window tinting to absorb sunlight as it attempts to pass through the windows. Depending on the level of darkness you desire, you can alter these. The most popular and reasonably priced window tint is dyed tint.

They do not provide as much UV protection as other products, which is a drawback. They can only do so much to block the sun’s heat. Over time, they also have a tendency to fade, making them even less useful.


Metalized hues, as the name implies, have metal microparticles in them. Instead of absorbing the sunshine, they block it out by reflecting it. And they are far more successful at that than dyed tinting is.

Additionally, metalized tint is very scratch-resistant. They strengthen your windows, making it less likely that mishaps or impacts will cause them to break. Some people appreciate the glossy appearance that the metal particles give to your windows.

The metal particles in these items can interfere with radio or GPS signals, which is a significant drawback. Although it could be a slight annoyance, this is something to keep in mind when choosing metalized tints.


Carbon fibre particles, which make up carbon window tints, will not deteriorate over time. They screen the sun’s rays more effectively than coloured or metallic tints. Many individuals choose ceramic tinting’s matte surface for aesthetic reasons.

Additionally, carbon tinting offers excellent insulating qualities. By reducing solar heat, it lowers the temperature inside the car by around 40%.
Carbon tinting has one drawback: It may be rather pricey compared to other products. However, the durability and lengthy expected lifespan can make up for the additional cost.


Only ceramic tint, which absorbs more than 99% of UV radiation, performs better than carbon fibre tinting in terms of performance. Ceramic items will not deteriorate over time or interfere with radio transmissions because they don’t contain colours or metal particles.

The ceramic particles provide the same quantity of solar reflection with more insulation because they do not conduct heat. The impact of the sun’s heat on the interior temperature of the car is thus reduced by nearly half, making it the most efficient tint at blocking it out.

Give a Professional a Try

With a greater understanding of the many kinds of car window tint, you can choose the one that is best for your vehicle. The good news is that practically any budget can find a product.

Selecting a professional window tint expert is crucial. A skilled specialist will give you the assurance that the installation is done properly in addition to being able to give you more information about the advantages of various tinting materials. Additionally, you may depend on a specialist to be aware of the permitted window tint percentage in Malaysia or wherever you reside.


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