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Tinted Film Puchong

US Building Film

Korea Film

HD Sputter Film

Sputter Film

3M Nano Ceramic

Nano Ceramic

Tinted Installation Tools

Installation Tools

Test Heat Machine

Test Heat Machine

1Ply HP Dyed Series

Super Package : 9 Rolls RM1040

Our 1-ply dyed car window tint film is great value and ideal where cost is a major factor, easy-shrink and block out 99% of UV rays.

2Ply DZ Dyed Series

Super Package : 7 Rolls RM1000

Dyed window tinting film Produced by color-infused polyester with the latest technology; The dyed process infuses the color directly to the base raw material, resulting in an even and stable colored film.

Ultra HD Nano Ceramic

Hot Deal : RM580/Per Roll*

Looking for a revolutionary product that takes your visual clarity to the next level? Look no further than Ultra HD Nano Ceramic! Our cutting-edge technology provides a crystal-clear vision that’s perfect for both automotive and building applications. Plus, our top-notch heat rejection technology keeps you comfortable no matter what the temperature outside. So why wait? Experience the stunning clarity of Ultra HD Nano Ceramic today!

* Minimum order 5 Rolls

2Ply Korea Building Film

Hot Deal : RM260/ Per Rolls*

One way mirror film, also known as two way mirror film or privacy film, is applied to glass to turn it into a one way mirror.

* Minimum order 5 Rolls

5K HD Sputter Film

Hot Deal : RM570/Per Roll*

Sputter Window Film is a kind of window film produced by vacuum sputter coating, a sputtering deposition process to cover a specimen with a thin layer of metal film, which are widely used for automobile and buildings.

* Minimum order 5 Rolls

Professional Tinted Film Tools

Free Gift with Purchase

We provide professional window tinting, industry-standard equipment, and they range from hard cards to hard squeegees, which gives you the right instrument for each window tinting or flat glass installation project.